Impossible Chinese Splits……..Improve Your Kicks Now!!!

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Whether you’re in Taekwondo, Karate, MMA, or of course Kung Fu this is a great stretch for improving your flexibility. As you can see, it may even be quite a shoulder workout for your partner! May your kicks be higher, more effortless, and accurate!

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Meditation for Fighting Skill…..Sweat and Breath!

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Enjoy this Tip of the Month for July about the benefit of a few Qi Gong Posture which improve strength in appropriate way for fighting. I use the phrase “External Meditation” because this should be a focused meditation with smooth breathing. Your body will become stronger. Your kicks and punches will become more powerful. I still recommend coming into class and sparring to develop your timing and combos!

Best Kicks……Kung Fu!

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This is our August Tip of the Month. Improve your kicks. Featured here are 3 different styles of kicking: Roundhouse, Hook, and Sidethrust! Practice everyday for at least 1 hour and you will see changes to your body and skill that will blow your mind! Jake is 6 feet tall, the “Buzz Doll” used here is set at 6’4″.

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